I am very proud as a teacher to share this answer written by my student, Kavya Rawat of Class XII at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kathmandu in one of the Pre-Board exam answer papers of English in the year 2011.. Kavya is a very creative girl and an avid reader. In my career of a decade as a teacher of English I have come across many students who inspired me by their intelligence, goodness and by many other special traits, academic or non-academic.
This answer is written to a question (write an article) on Social Networking Websites in the B-Section (Advanced Writing Skills) of the English question paper.

Here is her answer written in five to 8 minutes in the exam!!!


I know most of you will begin this article with a yawn; the number of anti-facebook, myspace, twitter articles are enough to start competing against the Indian population magnitude. But the creeping of abbreviations like “lol”, “omg!!”, “brb” in what used to be ‘normal’ face-to-face interactions is beginning to pose as an enormous irritant. Rather than just walk down four steps, an IM is more convenient nowadays; and why not, since most of the heads are anyways engrossed in friend-making, sanity-taking websites? Whatever happened to hand-delivered invites, announcements and birthday cards–nowadays, a tweet is enough when you’ve borne a child, gotten engaged or lost a parent!! May be we can be hopeful and witness world war-III being fought over wall posts with visions, deadly commenting from both sides!! People find ‘love’ online and are happy with just that. Phonebills if at all, only consist of net charges–no one makes a call or texts a message it seems. And people are happy–no, really–with this evolution.Somewhere along the (on-)line, the world transformed from a vibrant swirl of emotions to a digital mechanism of emotions. I agree with Charley’s psychiatrist in the story THE THIRD LEVEL; this world is filled with insecurities and somehow, facebook became the means of escape. Hiding under a facade of ‘coolness’ our generation has indeed become ‘cold’. Wake up!! There exists a world beyond social networks–an actual society, actual friends, actual people with actual problems and lives. There is poverty, burdens beauty and people with half-burnt faces to look at; do not take the bait and fall into this trap. Imagination is the only thing your computer lacks–don’t let it take that away from you too.
                                                                   –Kavya Rawat