Once through the mists of a dizzy DARK morning,


Came a new ray which wasn’t spotted before…


The arrival was through unexpected holes of blocked hopes,


Till then, the “blank thoughts” in a room, used to flutter in unfilled nooks…


From the moment of its incoming, it kept on searching for something with its


“wandering luminant” eyes….


And also had an ignited shine far beyond…


The thoughts and looks weren’t linked with the same thread,


But within a blink, its shine used to find the key to hold the bare thinkings, still..


Day by day its brightness within the room grew to mammoth heavenlier,


To uproot the dormant past!!!




The doctrines of teaching, that emerges from each quantum of the ray,


Marks the fine texture of its purity..


If one can read, feel and realize it, “he” makes “it” a class apart…

                                        BY- a seedling of the ray


(Hemand Harikumar, class xii-Kendriya Vidyalaya, No.1, Vasco, Goa)