She sprouted the dormant seeds in me
I bloomed like jacaranda
My champak fragrance of yesteryears filled the air
And the milky sap dropped in fulfilment
Your windy evenings shook my branches
And I dropped the fruits hidden among my leaves and tender flowers
You shook my roots and we became one in my bark and branches
You were the wind in me
We were entwined, your wind and my branches, like smoke through hair
I fell on you in orgasmic submission like a tree felled.

She was affectionate downpour
She sprouted all that was dormant in me
Washed my dirty lanes afresh
She was the infinite sky
She was furious monsoon
She burnt me completely
Left me ashes
She thundered in my ears and echoed in my inner ears
She drowned my dreams and snatched my banks
She ripped apart my roof and tore apart my fluttering colourful flags
She denuded me, made my branches bare and the wind blew through me
like snake on me

She stifled me in her chill
Blurred my vision and choked my throat
She stole my sunshine and made me dull.

I became an ugly mess in your monsoonic downpours
I lost the initial fragrance kindled by you
I spread the stink of my undissolved residues
Many a feet splashed and rippled my calm
You washed me afresh
You burnt my tall tops in your thunderous spanks
You pelted me with your words and melted my hollow heaps
You fertiled my lap

Your summers scorched my bare body
You seeped through the pores of my hair
You threw mirage of myriad dreams
And parched my throat

The chill of your spurns numbed me
And I groped for warmth with stretched palms
Everything stood still brooding
I was the sun lost in the dense fog of your being

You all did something or the other to me
I wish I could capture in words my unseen bruises and unsung blooms.
by Santhosh Kumar Kana