The day I heard this song I fell for it. One of the most melodious folk songs from the culturally rich Nepal. I searched for the singer, writer and the musician and to my surprise found them all to be one, Sri Tulasi Parajuli. Though I could talk to him over phone, all our plans to meet fell through for various other pressing engagements. And at last on 5th August, 2012 my dream came true. We met and he sang the same song for me. We had tea together and I relished every moment of togetherness. He transliterated the song for me with an autograph.



I am posting it here on my blog for all music lovers and as a small token of my love and adoration for Sri Tulasi Parajuli.
Tulasiji, I would carry your song throughout my life as a precious gift from this beautiful country. Thank you.
  Aakashaiko Kaalo Baadal….. Paani Paryo Jhamma Jhamma   Madaluko Taalaima…. Nachou Aaja Chamma Chamma   Maiti Raajai Samjhi Aayou ………Pardosako Maato Samjhera   Ramailo yo Vetaimaa…Nachou Aaja Chamma Chamma   (Aakashaiko..)   Voli Kasle Dekheko Hunchha Marincha ki Bachincha Lai Lai   Samjana nai Mitho Huncha Juni Juni Saachinchha Lai Lai   Yehi Mitho Samjhanale… Dukha peera Sabhai Boolera   Pardesha Bata Samjhi Aaye Afnai Pyaro mato Samjhera   (Akashaiko..)   Birsiyou Ki Maiti Raja Jhaure Ra Maruni Bhaka   Sarangi ko Mitho Dhund Murchunga Ra Bina Yo Baja   Samjhanale Sadhai Tanchha Nepali Man Muhar Hasi lo   Hamilai ta Lagchha ni Lai Lai Afnai Gauko Pani Rasilo (Akashaiko..) You can listen to the song here:                                                           – by Santhosh Kumar Kana