My blog was born in 2008 when repeated demands from friends, colleagues, students and well-wishers to take my ideas, thoughts and talents to a wider platform gave me enough conviction. I knew deep within that I had been looking for a similar space and all my piles of notes, scribbles, jottings, marginalia on papers that left many files bloated for long suddenly found a better home. A place where fingers can find them from any corner of this globe and their anonymity will be a thing of the past. They stood staring pugnaciously at me, each demanding, “Hey, Come on, spruce me up. Or else….”!!

That set me on a journey that continues to date. I realized in the process that my blog has been my psychological anchor, without it I would have been a marooned sailor. It gave me the warmth of my home, an Aristotelian catharsis to my emotions, a direction and purpose to my life and dreams, an unseen cord to connect to people all over the world, a sacred space to unburden myself and come out cleansed and renewed. In fact, it has been an odyssey of self-discovery in the form of academic writings, creative writings as poetry, short stories, travelogues, movie reviews, and many discursive writings. I always wonder how life would have been if I never had my blog where I am in endless conversation with an invisible reader!! That’s a hypothetical question, I know. Let it be. Writing for me is not for fame but for that priceless feeling of satisfaction in communication, it is a serious activity to be in alignment with life energy, to empty me and refill me with a relentless passion for new inspirations and experiences. There are no rigid goals or destinations, everything written, heard or seen finds a new dimension in the mind of the reader and for this astonishingly elusive nature of goals, I started loving the journey. Yes, I have found peace on this journey, therefore the name, Somatmika. So friends, here again, after almost a decade the journey takes a new form from Somatmika.Blogspot to an independent blog, but the spirit remains the same.