I remember when I had to travel Pokhara from Muktinath just a couple of years ago. The highway was not properly constructed,  it was kind of risky road for big vehicles to operate so they had mini bus service but that too was rare to find. They only had almost 3-4 trips per day from Jomsom to Pokhara and from Pokhara to Jomsom. The travel hour was almost 6 hours up and down and looking at the hills and nature was a pleasant scene of the travel for every individual travelling by the route.

But it was a rare chance to see anything of the nature except the body of passengers inside that over crowded bus. People in hundreds and thousands visit Muktinath for trekking and to visit the temple. So the whole place was crowded at bus park to return from what I call a glimpse of heaven. I got into the bus late and I kept my luggage near the door and had to stand at the door. It was wonderful ride with that cool breeze and looking at the huts and cottage around, till the place, Nala, where we stopped for lunch. This place is famous for sisnu (nettle buds) and dhido (local food made of flour).

It was then, my whole journey took a roundabout since some more passengers were added to that over crowded bus and I was pushed inside the bus and the glimpse of the hills and Himalayas slowly went out of sight and all I could see was luggage, passengers and the ceiling of the bus. I had nothing more to do than smiling at people and listening to songs on Ipod.
We had some time to relax, whenever the driver stopped for the passesngers to relieve themselves or having tea but rest of the time was really hard being pushed back and front in that bumpy road. The six hour journey now seemed as of six days for me. Later when I reached Pokhara bus park and loaded my stuffs on the cab, suddenly I realized that I no more had my purse with me, though I kept very less money in my purse and most of the money was in my shirt’s pocket. So I thought of leaving it there and moreover who would even bother returning me my purse from that crowded bus. But I must say people from hills are kind hearted. I was about to leave the bus park where my bus conductor came to me with my purse trying to match my face with the picture of me in my purse and he gave my purse back to me. With all those ups and down the journey indeed was something unforgettable for me.


Swarup Raj Dhungana
Class-XII, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kathmandu (2012-2014)