SPEECH BY MR. SANTHOSH KUMAR KANA, PGT-ENGLISH after winning the KVS REGIONAL INCENTIVE AWARD (Ernakulam Region) 2018. Venue: Lulu International Convention Centre, Thrissur, Kerala. 20.12.2018.

Honourable Chief Guest, Dr. M.K.C. Nair, Vice Chancellor, Hon. Special invitee, Prof. Dharmarajan Adat, Hon. Deputy Commissioner, KVS Ernakulam Region Sri. S.M. Saleem sir in absentia, Hon. Assistant Commissioner, KVS Ernakulam Region, Shri. Karunakaran Sir, who is also the Deputy Commissioner I/C, Hon. Assistant Commissioners Shri. K. Krishnakumar Sir and Smt. Deepti Nair Mam, Principals of various Vidyalayas, special invitees of various unions, my fellow awardees, my dear colleagues and parents and students here, A warm good afternoon to every one of you.

First of all, let me thank Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, my beloved organization, for honouring me with Regional Incentive Award. I would like to thank KVS Ernakulam Region, my higher authorities for choosing me for this special honour. Thank you once again.

(check the video of the speech clicking on the link given below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8tlkqrm108

I would like to speak only on three to four things. What makes this award special to me or what does it mean to be awarded. First of all, the organization, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. I believe that no organization is a concrete product. It is the mutual nourishment of the people who have dreamt of this organization and the people who make it a reality. It is the constant mutual nourishment of teachers who work in it and the higher authorities who implement the dreams through the teachers ultimately culminating in the bright future of the students.

This organization in which I joined in the year 2002, I had the privilege to work in various parts of the country as well as abroad in Nepal. It has taught me that a teacher is a facilitator. A classroom is not a crowd waiting to hear the teacher, but it is a set of unique individuals waiting to be heard. It has taught me that a student is a miracle, a beautiful opportunity. It is not the amount of pedantry or knowledge that I have that matters but have I reached all the listeners in my classroom. As it is said in the New Testament, “look for the lost sheep”. This organization has enriched me as a teacher and as a person. I dedicate this award to the organization, to all my beloved students who have made me grow as a person and as a teacher. I think no organization grows if the employees in it do not grow and in our organization of course, they are teachers.

I dedicate this award personally to my parents who are retired teachers and my father has been an awardee of state government from Kerala. I have grown up seeing them as great examples.

I would also like to talk about my teaching experience where I have realized that in the classroom I all the time get renovated as a person. The best innovation that you can have in the classroom is to be there completely, to listen to the students. It has made me become, transfer and transcend as a person from a sentimental person to a sensitive person, a creative person. Whatever different things for which I have been awarded here, they all have been after all a single journey of serious pursuit. I am a seeker of higher truth in life, I would say. I would dedicate this award to all those beautiful moments in my classroom I spent with my students. And of course I am proud to be a teacher all the time. Whenever I go to a classroom, I find it as the most meditative space. No holy book has given a spiritual ecstatic moment like the moments I spent with my students. Whenever I go there, I know that, every day, every period I go to a classroom, it is a new experience, it is a new epiphany.

I would like to modify the famous saying by Heraclitus. It is said that “you can’t step into the same river twice” because it flows. I would say, a passionate teacher, a creative teacher, an innovative teacher and a sensitive teacher can never step into the same classroom twice. Proud to be a teacher, proud to be part of this great organization. Thank you everyone. Know more about 5000 in 24 hours