Every ghat is a train station
With the smoke of an announcement
The river is the train of eternity
The platform of separation, the goodbye
The pain of many and the many of pain
The seeing off
The faces aghast at the surprise of the unknown

The emptiness of the platform
The fire within and without
The unseen baggage
The journey of no return
The burnt ticket
It is all Time;
the Seer off will be seen off.
Here on this platform is the journey to the unseen, to the unknown destination.

The tear decked cheeks
The waving hands of the inevitable
The reminder of your turn
The futile wait of a return

Be at the ghat and you feel the flutter of birds in flight
Into the infinite
You can see fear and futility in a whiff of smoke and a heap of ash
So many like you depart here
On their lonely journey
This is the station where we meet, part and depart

This is the ghat to the unknown
—- by Santhosh Kumar Kana