Dear children, The stories, poems and plays that you study in the prescribed textbooks are not the end in themselves. They make no meaning without you, you, the Reader. You give life and meaning to those words printed on the paper. Otherwise they are just dead letters.
When you read, don’t forget the life, the sensitive mind which created them. If you can throb or pulsate with the life and spirit behind those words, you are a true reader. It should be an experience like smelling a rose or tasting sugar. Only true readers can make a book successful and meaningful. You know most of the violence and problems in the world are due to this simple mistake of missing the spirit behind the words and following the words alone. It is what we call ignorance.  Being young and energetic, tread new paths. Don’t feel prey to prejudice. Ask questions before you accept. Test before you test.
Words are just a means to achieve an end. Discover the content, discard the container.
Let’s breathe life into words which have their origin in life. If we are sensitive enough to imbibe the spirit or life of words, they would, no doubt, cease to be words but doors.

In my opinion, there are two kinds of reading: one that feeds you and the one that empties you. I have always been with the latter.
I remember a voracious reader saying, “I am not a reader, but a rider on books”!!!