I was working in West Bengal and for some urgent engagements I had to rush home to my native place in Kerala. I was in charge of a few departments at my work place. Before leaving, I got anxious about what would happen to the work in my absence. I decided to brief my colleague, who used to assist me in my work, about each and every detail of the work done/to be done. I might have looked feverishly concerned about everything and when I told him that I would be contacting him to get updates of the work done, he said something in the most nonchalant way that brought a profound transformation in me. He said, “Sir aap aaram se ghar jaaiye, aapke bina Hindustan mein koi kaam ruknewala nahi hai” (Sir, please go home relaxed. Your absence is not going to make any damn difference to anything in this country) !!!Wow. It hit me deep somewhere and something died in me. His words didn’t make me angry but I felt really happy and liberated from my own prison!!

The absence/death of the Ego is true Presence. Yes, The vessel is Full when it’s Empty. —by Santhosh Kana