When I asked a few villagers about the practice of keeping a scorpion still, they told me that if a scorpion stings
some one, they would catch hold of it and hang it in front of the house so that it doesn’t move.

A) “Peasants came like swarms of flies”. Why “flies”?

1. It was raining and flies are attracted towards the candle and the lantern light
2. The peasants were buzzing the name of God like the buzzing sound of the flies.

B) Why the world is called “unreal”?

Religion holds that this world is just a preparatory ground for the real world which we enter after death. So, this world will have good and bad in equal proportion whereas the real world has got only good and no evil.

C) Don’t you think the narrator in the poem is very passive, only reporting what goes around and never does anything to change the situation? The narrator is assumed to be a child but is there a mention of his age? So, don’t you think the narrator too must be blamed for not helping his mother?