Really unbearable
There’s a bird within flapping its wings
Messages and calls falling feathers
Once all fallen
Still there would be a chirrup, a croon, a whimper or a whisper
Then nothing
Then no more
Till then bear with me.
I remember your messages and missed calls blinking on my screen like the night flight.
How my screen used to be cleansed by your words!
And you became my conscience!!
I feel you like a rustle in the trees, the drizzle hits me like your hair
The deepest conversations are only with utmost physical proximity!
Want you badly, to be on you like a creeper, like the serpentine trails on the hills.

We were like childhood playmates
We plucked flowers, chased dragonflies,
rubbed the sap of a leaf on our eyelashes,
jumped over thorny fences,
stood panting lost in the brightness of each other’s eyes,
We could read the poetry of life despite its prosaic relalities,
We hugged each other in immense joy….innocence intact..

You stabbed my creativity out, I love it… your brutish love
My creative bleeding
Oh! How much you take out of me!!!
Each visit of yours was a stab

You left me without a word
Though painful,
Let me go like this….
Let us go like this with many “unsaid”s
It leaves a pain and a discontent to live
It leaves something to live for

Don’t make it so clear and plain
Let the abstract and the waited remain
It gives some dream moments that we never could
Let it be its poetry
With an eloquent silence and an abundant emptiness!!!!
–by Santhosh Kumar Kana