On the 7th of August, I started a meditative AUDIO SERIES on Rabindranath Tagore’s book, Gitanjali, the song of offerings, which won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. This series is based on Eighteen poems from the marvellous Malayalam translation of the book by Shri. K. Jayakumar, IAS, renowned poet, lyricist and translator. It is a creative experiment, a meditative journey through the incredible poetry of Gitanjali which is genuinely and profoundly spiritual in nature. In order to create the spiritual and meditative appeal, the voice narration has been accompanied by Sitar in suitable Hindustani ragas. Tagore, Gitanjali and Bengal have been quite special to me right from my school days. I had the good fortune to work in West Bengal for nearly five years which helped me discover the rich language, literature, music, art and culture of the land. Tagore and Gitanjali have always worked incredible miracles at various stages of my life. This series is my humble tribute to Gurudev. I am sure, this will provide solace and hope to many minds.

I have worked with my team for months on this project. The whole series is available on my YouTube channel. Each video has two poems from Gitanjali. Click here to watch and listen to all the episodes in the series:


Voice : Santhosh Kana

Translation : Shri. K Jayakumar, IAS. Sitar : Paulson K J. Music Programmed, Mixed and Mastered by : Anandu Pai