Interviewer:Do you actually do something than posting pics and scribbling stuff on your blog, facebook and bla bla bla??? 🙂 Me: I am a teacher. You know, it’s a real, hectic race against time from Monday to Saturday. Interviewer: Ha ha!! Are you kidding? Teachers and hectic schedule??!! come on. It is the most leisurely job, i know. so, stop giving me all that okay?
Me: Please don’t say that. I teach six classes each with a strength of 40, that makes it 240 in total,right? It’s not giving lecture, but correcting their notes regularly and giving feedback, making question papers every month and correcting answer scripts and preparing mark sheets in three to four days time!! Plus result analysis to be prepared for parent teacher meeting every month end. Of the eight periods a day, i have to teach six periods!! And out of the two periods free, i need to do correction work and many other paper work. I leave home by 7.30 am and the classes start by 8.30 going up to 2.40 pm. No, it’s not over. I give extra classes for an hour. It will be 5 pm when i get back home. so, from 7.30 to 5 pm i am at work. After reaching home i make a cup of tea for me and go out shopping for vegetables and stuff. Now it is cooking time. Some days, washing clothes and cleaning too. Then preparation for next day!! it doesn’t mean preparing lessons alone, but preparing lots of data of students regarding their personal details, academic performance, fee structure etc. etc. in between i take some time off to go online. And on weekends (Sunday, since Saturday is also a working day) or holidays, may go out and unwind myself  It’s been fifteen years since i joined the profession, worked and travelled many parts of the country and abroad as well.  And the “bla bla bla” are just frail efforts to restore the ebbing zeal and hope: i scribble my loneliness, upload my hopes and post my dreams. How life would be otherwise for a teacher, have you ever imagined?? Do you know how hard it is to  keep a consistently cheerful face, a paternal/maternal concern for children? The priceless moments with children make it our day every day.
(The interviewer’s dazed face puts an abrupt end to the interview!!! 🙂 ) HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY. —- Santhosh Kumar Kana