It rains from the trees
Someone fries mustards on the puddles
Leaves droop before the shower
Rain is introspection

It rains from the roofs
A shivering sheet of cloth
The bike riders like bats
I can feel the roar of a sea not so far
Rain imprisons you

Rain falls on the grass and hair
Both feel goosebumps
Rain makes you passive witness
It rains within
Nothing sprouts faster in rain like ideas or imagination

he paper is the land where ideas sprout in rain
The drops of thoughts drip into the paper
The drops of words become a stream
And flow like a river into the ocean

It rains from the eaves of the paper
Many paper boats afloat
Many tender arms hold them
Some rain drops stay on the paper
Some glisten in the rays
It rains after a long wait —by Santhosh Kumar Kana
This poem has been published in the esteemed webjournal MUSE INDIA (issue 49 May-June 2013):