(for her most special and enigmatic presence)

Leaving something behind
She was like the overcast sky, all over…

A gentle downpour
When you feel so cosy to cuddle and watch through the window the clean roads;
Makes you coo like a pigeon from the roof
The windy evenings when your hair is lifted up with your spirits
The first drizzle that sends the fresh scent of the soil.. and my spirit grows wings like rain flies.
Each BODY is like a new soil unique in texture, structure, consistence,colour, chemical and smell!!!
A thunder and lightning that left u shaken;

The autumn
Thoughts ripening, old leaves of thoughts fallen

The silent and mysterious winter
That hides many a thing behind the fog
And confines you to brood with occasional glimmer of hope

The spring with rich fragrance of her hair
The lively presence when you go tipsy with love
She’s a life lived!

-by Santhosh Kumar Kana

(Published, titled LOVER’S RHAPSODY, in OF NEPALESE CLAY, the bi-annual journal of SNWEN, Society of Nepali Writers in English, Issue No.17, April 2012, Editors: Padma.P.Devkota, Keshab Sigdel, Prakash Subedi)