Come evening, and I find the facebook firmament bright with the green presence of friends available for chat. It was on one such occasion I realized that God too was there in my friendlist of more than 500 with a few friends and many strangers! Quite often it is only when some one’s chat box stands up with a “hi” that we realize that he/she is in our friend list! God must have sent me a friend request, I must have accepted it and I had forgotten about it. One day, while going through my friend lists in order to “unfriend” some “un”friendly friends, I had a deep desire and urge to chat with god but I couldn’t find him online. I waited for hours and the green light on my right showed him. My “hello” dropped like a pebble into water. Here is the chat we had.
Tel me abt life
It cant b told. It has2b livd. Form an opinion abt life n u lose it.
How2 find u?
Wake up. If ur network is strong, u wil catch the signal.
Every search is a going away. Dont search. B with me like the fish in the water. U r in me. U can’t find me away frm u.
Wht is ignorance?
2 think that happiness needs a reason. I find it funny wen ppl ask seeing a person happy, “What happnd?”
Life is an open book2learn, still people destroy forests2make papers n books n then read those books2understand life.
Is there life aftr death?
Thers no ‘after’ or ‘before’. What IS is ther always.
How2find answrs2 my qstns?
Make ur qustns a quest.
If I don’t believe in u?
U dnt need2believe a fact, but a fiction. U c it, xperience it.
If u r ther, y is ther so much suffering n misery in the world?
Who z that I created a perfect world?  This is wt I created. Can u betr it?
What do u find strange abt people n society?
An individual is always misunderstood n isolated in a society though individual is the smallest fraction of a society. Society finds an individual with a difference2b strange n isolates him/her. It forms assumptions wich turn in2opinions n then becomes conclusions. Then, they seek explanation frm the individual4 these conclusions.
Society clings blindly2rituals n then misses the spirit. It follows the letter and fails2capture the spirit. But individuals question such beliefs n contribute2the growth of a society. Unfortunately, the society dsn’t understand n accept them. It tries2protect its beliefs by violence n feel that they r more close2me.  I find it the worst abt my creation.
Wht is more important, learning from our own xperience or from other’s xperience?
Wht is important is wht u learn, whthr it is from ur xperience or from that of others’
Some1 is telling that I am bad.. Should I defend myself or should I b silent thinking that I know what I am and I don’t need2explain?
Wht wil u do if some1 says u r gud?  Apply the same logic here. Y shud it b difrnt wen they say that u r bad????
Ppl shud like me as I am OR shud I change myself so that ppl like me?
In both the cases, u want ppl’s opinion. That itself shows that u don’t want2b urself. Wen u r urself, u won’t bothr wht others think abt u. u r just urself.
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Then, suddenly my network failed and the box showed ‘unable to connect.…’ I felt really bad and waited but in vain. I knew some other day I would again bump into him.
Friends, if so, I will post the chats again here for you. Good
tc            (to be continued……) Santhosh Kumar Kana