POORNA is a simple film, that unpretentiously recreates an inspirational real-life story with rustic charm at the same time delving into the plethora of regressive forces that constrain and confine women.  Malavath Poorna (played by Aditi Inamdar) a tribal girl from Telangana is the youngest girl (13 years old) to climb the Everest after being identified by a bureaucrat who takes the bold step in a complacent system to reform schools viz. Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS), the residential schools for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and underprivileged children. Rahul Bose, who plays the bureaucrat (in real life, R.S.Praveen Kumar IPS) is the director of the film too. But Rahul doesn’t bring any filmy heroic swagger to his character and exercises a great amount of caution with compassionate body language throughout to keep the film focused on Poorna and her achievement. 
Aditi Inamdar, chosen after an audition of 109 kids, is undeniably an incredible talent. “Ladkiyan kuch bhi kar sakti hai,” the tagline for the film is, in reality, the message given by Poorna after conquering the summit. Yes, Schools and educational institutions can undoubtedly do wonders in changing the lives of children and the course of the society provided the authorities, teachers, and parents see them as the inexhaustible reservoir of potentials, each child as an unconquered Everest of possibilities. The final shot of the film when the media asks Poorna, “who is your inspiration?” she just turns towards the camera with a smile!! wow! speaks volumes. 
Please don’t miss this film if you have been generous in praise for Dangal. Bollywood is not only/always about Khans and Kapoors!                                                     – (Santhosh Kana)