There is no language for the known. The time since I met him at his home in Nileswar, North Kerala, where he welcomed me to his home and heart with his shy smile, we needed no introduction for each other. Though he played an active role in my engagement, he always carried these unassuming shoulders in the events he managed. He had seen the emptiness beyond all luxuries and activities that gave him a spiritual charm. Our conversations, though very few, were never about the mundane and I always loved to be a listener to him. He would talk about his inseparable attachment with his mother he lost in his school days and his dream to have a house of his own. The words would come out only in the gaps between each puff he took from the cigarettes.
 “In those days, we had just one or two thieves in our village and everybody knew him/them. But now things have changed”
he would share his insights on the first floor balcony where we both sat and had beer. During one of those moments we shared he took me to his bedroom and closed the windows, turned off the lights and asked me to look up. I looked at the ceiling and a “Wow” came out of me as I saw a starry sky. We both laughed at the wonder. He smiled like a child who was complimented for a painting he made.
 “This is how I sleep here. I have got this painting done on the ceiling so that when I lie down I can feel the universe though I am confined physically to this room”.
I walked into his room last week and found him there among one of the stars glittering, giving me his ethereal smile!!!
Love you Vijayetan
By Santhosh Kumar Kana