What a moment!!!
This is what children are…. and this unpredictability of their love and adoration is the sanctity of this profession. I am truly humbled and touched by my student Amal’s portrait of me. This year’s teacher’s day came with a wrapped wonder, my career best token of love from a student!!! Amal, (Amal K.U. Class XII student at KV INS Dronacharya, Kochi),I can only offer you the infinity of love and support for a life time, dear. You have conquered me and reminded me that children are a world of wonders, of untainted and unconditional love. You are the fuel for my passion for this profession; you refresh me every day, you reinstate my faith in humanity, you make me better than what I was as a teacher and as a person. I repeat my usual words: “Not only teachers inspire students, students too inspire teachers”. Lots of love and blessings, dear.
–Santhosh Kana