An appeal to parents and students……

The widely prevalent and rapidly infectious trend among the present day school students of senior classes to flock
to Coaching centres is a matter of serious concern among the teachers and Principals in many schools.
Gone are the days when the fresh morning at school was made more refreshing and enlightening by the curious and cheerful
face of children. What awaits the teachers at school in the morning now are, sullen and exhausted
faces that wear a demotivating expression turning a cold shoulder to anything that happens in the school. The
poor performance in the school tests have laid bare the cause to be the colossal wastage of time in
commuting to these coaching centres daily and the class hours there consume the best time of their evening to
prepare for the school for the next day. By the time they are back from the coaching classes, as said by a few
students, they are totally drained off their energy and enthusiasm which is again aggravated by the stress and
anxiety resulting from their attempts to meet the demands of the school and the coaching centre. Many students
have been seen getting distracted from their studies as they develop unhealthy relationship/friendship with the
opposite sex on these evening adventures. At the same time, most of these students and their parents feel
(many have openly expressed it) coaching centres alone help in reaping success in life and that school doesn’t
cater to their needs and is outdated in its philosophy and practice. It is here, I feel, the pressing need
arises to enlighten the students and parents on the contribution of a school to the holistic development of a child.
Coaching centres can never replace a school. At coaching centres, you are given coaching or training whereas in the
school you are given education. Coaching centres prepare you for a job, it makes you job-oriented, school
prepares you for life, with all those skills you need to face and surface in life.

It teaches you that your profession/job is not your whole personality but is just one of the aspects of your
personality. For coaching centres, end is the goal whereas for school, means justify the end. School gives
opportunities galore to discover your latent potentials, multiple intelligences and competencies. It teaches
you the “how to do” of “what to do”. A child learns that he/she can’t be defined by marks alone and discovers
the leader in him, the poet in him, the scientist in him, the philosopher, the brother, friend and teacher in
him. It gives you all that you may fail to put in words completely. Even where all that you do at your
office ends, you are what your education has given you. Can you think of replacing what the morning assembly
supplies in invisible measure to your personality development? The school showers on you the bounties of life
as the motivation from your teachers, the care and concern of the Principal, the hearty welcome even after you
are a decade-old alumnus. It may not, and should not, supply you with exam or job gaining kits or easy
packages, it gives you the strength to accept your failure and the modesty to carry your success, the vision of
a true patriot, the generosity to compliment the achievement of a friend and still remain true friends, the
genuine feeling that we are for each other remaining independent and the passion to seek and find but not with
aggressive competition. Coaching centres teach you to focus, school teaches you to experiment, explore and
expand. It teaches you that a question may not give an answer always, but you can straighten the question mark
into an exclamation and wonder at the infinite miracles of life. It may not give you a ready-made answer to
your questions but it turns your question into a quest. It teaches you that not all are like you and need be
like you, and that we can be together in difference or together for different goals. It brings to you
people- the moody, the lethargic, the jovial, the poetic and artistic, the athletic, the ambitious, the miserly
and the generous, the wise and vice, the bold and cold, the tall and short, the fat and slim, it’s
indeed, a carnival of life. Don’t overlook it.

It teaches you to question what is said and explore the unsaid. It teaches you that you can be happy without a
sound bank balance. It teaches you how to erase discriminations and be united in ‘uniform’. It prepares you for
life by exposing you to its immense variety and profound beauty. Yes, we can go on…school is where we are
brought up to experiment and expand to lead a worthy life.

It’s time you must say…….”Thank You……my School.”